Betrayed by america

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Betrayed by america

He was handsome and charismatic, with black hair, gray eyes and an aquiline nose, and he carried himself with the lissome elegance of a natural athlete. He was born ina descendant of the Rhode Island equivalent of royalty.

By his mids he had had enough success as an apothecary and a seagoing merchant to begin building one of the finest homes in town. But he remained hypersensitive to any slight, and like many gentlemen of his time he had challenged more than one man to a duel. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, he convinced Dr. As it turned out, others had the same idea, and Arnold was forced to form an uneasy alliance with Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys before the two leaders strode side by side into Ticonderoga.

While Allen and his men turned their attention to consuming the British liquor supply, Arnold sailed and rowed to St. John, at the opposite end of Lake Champlain, where he and a small group of men captured several British military vessels and instantly gave America command of the lake.

Abrupt and impatient with anything he deemed superfluous to the matter at hand, Arnold had a fatal tendency to criticize and even ridicule those with whom he disagreed. And yet, if a soldier served with him during one of his more heroic adventures, that soldier was likely to regard him as the most inspiring officer he had ever known. The American Revolution as it actually unfolded was so troubling and strange that once the struggle was over, a generation did its best to remove all traces of the truth.

Although it later became convenient to portray Arnold as a conniving Satan from the start, the truth is more complex and, ultimately, more disturbing. Without the discovery of his treason in the fall ofthe American people might never have been forced to realize that the real threat to their liberties came not from without, but from within.

In that first Revolutionary spring ofArnold learned of the death of his wife, Margaret. Upon returning from Lake Champlain to New Haven, he visited her grave with his three young sons at his side. While lacking the social connections of the Shippens, who were the equivalent of Philadelphia aristocracy, Arnold had had prospects of accumulating a sizable personal fortune. Having lost once-significant wealth, Arnold embarked on a campaign of secret, and underhanded, schemes to re-establish himself as a prosperous merchant.

That end—and those means—were not uncommon among officers of the Continental Army. But in September he did not yet have the money he needed to maintain Peggy in the style to which she was accustomed. Thumbing his nose at the pious patriots who ruled the city, he purchased an ornate carriage and entertained extravagantly at his new residence, the same grand house the British general William Howe had occupied. But the Reeds had not fit well into the upper echelons of Philadelphia society.

But by the end of the year, with the Continental Army run out of New York City and retreating across New Jersey, he had lost faith in his commander.

Charles Lee. Assuming the letter related to official business, Washington promptly broke the seal. He soon discovered that Reed had established his own line of communication with Lee and that the primary topic of their correspondence was the failings of their commander in chief. Washington forwarded the letter to Reed with a note explaining why he had opened it, but otherwise let him twist in the icy emptiness of his withheld wrath.

He kept Reed on, but their intimacy had ended. That November, the two wealthy Quakers who had been convicted were hanged. He quickly made it clear that conservative patriots were the enemy, as were the Continental Congress and the Continental Army. As council president, he insisted that Pennsylvania prevail in any and all disputes with the national government, regardless of what was best for the United States as a whole.

Philadelphia was at the vortex of an increasingly rancorous struggle involving almost all the seminal issues related to creating a functioning democratic republic, issues that would not begin to be resolved until the Constitutional Convention of Teachers, not yet a subscriber?

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Learn More. Setting Up Student View 1 min.See photos of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio before they hit the big-time, and revisit their earliest onscreen roles.

See the full gallery. One of America's proudest achievements, our national infrastructure, is now its most dangerous embarrassment. Our bridges, dams, levees and highways are crumbling, toppling, being washed away, and putting us all at risk. If you're looking for a movie to really get your blood boiling, search no further than "America Betrayed," a shocking and revelatory documentary that examines the deplorable condition that much of our nation's infrastructure is in at the moment.

Instead, the Corps, in cahoots with the many politicians and congressmen who work right along with it, has been found, over and over again, to be derelict in its duties - guilty of negligence, of employing harmful cost-cutting measures, of having misplaced priorities, of engaging in outright deception, and of brokering sweetheart deals with pet contractors.

The movie is unsparing in its treatment of the Corps, and Carde clearly views it as her own personal mission to hold that organization accountable for the many acts of criminal malfeasance it has engaged in over the years. I think it speaks volumes that no member of the Corps was willing to be interviewed for this film.

The movie chooses as its focal point the catastrophic failure of the levees in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, which resulted in the almost complete annihilation of one of America's premier cities.

Why Benedict Arnold Turned Traitor Against the American Revolution

Interviewee after interviewee refers to Katrina not as a "natural" disaster but as a man-made one. And given the facts as Carde lays them out for us, the film makes a very convincing case for that argument.

The scenes set in New Orleans - both during the hurricane and in the wake of its aftermath - are heartbreaking in the extreme. But it isn't just in New Orleans that the problem lies. The movie makes it clear that there are literally hundreds of other potentially dangerous levees and dams scattered throughout the country, most notably in the earthquake-prone Central Valley region of California. And that isn't even taking into account all the aging, structurally unsound bridges, sewer systems, roadways, etc.

Most galling, perhaps, is the fact that so many of the funds that could have been earmarked for retrofitting projects here in the U. Carde's work extends far beyond the issue of infrastructure; she views this as merely a symbol of the much greater failure of government overall, of our unwillingness as a nation to value the safety of our people over corporate profit and special interest deal-making.

betrayed by america

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President Trump Betrayed America's Friends, Embraced Dictators: Kamala Harris

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betrayed by america

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions.By Edward Ring May 20, Five days a week, Muir recites agenda-driven propaganda as if it were truth, while his allies who run the social media monopolies throttle down, demonetize, shadowban, or flat out censor reports that conflict with his narrative. He spreads his phony lies and distortions with a straight face, never breaking character.

The catalog of malpractice committed by these malicious partisan hacks that call themselves journalists in America is too vast to summarize. The Ukraine impeachment. And all of it, every single bit of it, was calculated to take down President Trump and stigmatize anyone and everyone who ever supported him or even just defended some of his actions.

And if the national media establishment had not already repeatedly demonstrated that they are nothing more than a political action committee attached to the Democratic party, more people would be fooled.

The repercussions of media malpractice is more deaths, destruction of the constitution, and quite likely an economic depression.

This is not overstating the case. Imagine if the media covered this crisis with honesty. Sure, in the early stages of this pandemic, nobody knew what to make of it. But why were the only voices accorded credibility by the media those who called for a lockdown?

That approach is working there. We are trained to think of a conspiracy as if it is inherently impossible, something that only a deranged individual would seriously consider as a possible explanation for events. And as millions wait in the unemployment lines — spaced six feet apart — they will depend on government to pay their bills, and they will not expect any coronavirus cure for which big pharma does not approve.

The media has always been powerful. With the advent of social media, today they are more powerful than ever. The media, if they cared, now more than ever would do their historic job, questioning this conventional wisdom.

Instead, they are tools. It is unforgivable.It is all of those things. Tired of listening to crying leftists that think the information in American Betrayal is little more than right-wing conspiracy theories? Then sip their tears with this awesome mug I designed! What if, instead of us leading the war effort in support of democracy, we went along with whatever the Soviets wanted and demanded no concessions for our aid and then, when the Cold War came, we remained unwilling to call the Soviets out on their duplicity and evil nature until the Reagan presidency.

And then, even worse, once we won the Cold War, what if we started to appease the Islamists and kowtow to them like we did for the Soviets? Those are the questions that West tackles in American Betrayal. No, she jumps straight into describing who those Soviet agents were, how they shaped US war policy to appease and help the Soviets, how they stopped America from preserving democracy and conservatism in post-war Europe, and why the US government refused to identify or punish those communist traitors.

However, most were in the State Department.

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American Betrayal is, essentially, a collection of stories in semi-chronological order that demonstrates how those men betrayed America in favor of the Soviets, generally out of hate for America and its ideals. They shipped needed war material to the Soviets under the guise of Lend-Lease aid. For example, when MacArthur and his men desperately needed resupply and reinforcement in the Philippines, FDR instead sent that aid to the Soviets. They betrayed the Manhattan Project and shipped Russia uranium.

Then, when the Cold War came, the betrayals got all the worse. Nuclear, technological, and military secrets were sent to the Soviets constantly.

American prisoners of war were sent to the Soviet Union and never came back. And we refused to call out the Soviets on their evil ways rather than confront them over supporting evil worldwide. All because of the communist traitors and sympathizers in the State Department.

Finally, Diana West uses American Betrayal not just as a history of how the West got duped and infiltrated by the Soviet Union, but also as a warning against letting the same thing happen with Islam.

Overall, American Betrayal is about just that. How our elites betrayed America. They shipped needed war materials to the Soviet Union, which ended up meaning that our troops did not have enough supplies with which to fight in those dark, early days of World War II.

And worst of all, officials in all levels of government and academia worked with the enemy, the Soviet Union, during the Cold War. That was treason. Yet, for some reason, cowardly Republicans and unscrupulous Democrats let them get away with doing so.

Who Betrayed America?

That makes American Betrayal not just a book about the evils of communism and how its spies infiltrated America, but also one about how we were betrayed by our own leaders. Americans died because our unscrupulous leaders lied and covered up enemy activity within our borders. We Americans need to understand our history. I think that means that our participation in World War II needs to be re-examined.

All of those powers were the epitome of evil and needed to be defeated, a fact American Betrayal in no way disputes. But, based on my reading, I think we went about it all wrong. We should have let the Germans on the Eastern Front grind and attrite the Soviets away in a stalemate for years before we intervened. Then, we could have swept across Europe and secured more of it to be free.

The Soviets would not have won and begun to push back the Germans as quickly as they did without our aid. How could we have let them conquer so much of freedom-loving, Eastern Europe? Yet worse, how could we have not pushed back against them while they were clearly infiltrating our society and stealing secrets.

The examples of Soviet perfidy West gives in American Betrayal are just as egregious as they are numerous. American leaders knew what was going on, but they betrayed us and let it happen anyway. No, it was really an ideological struggle.Kamala Harris called Donald Trump's foreign policy "unilateral", and "isolationist".

Democratic vice president nominee Kamala Harris has accused President Donald Trump of "betraying our friends and embracing dictators" as she attacked his "unilateral approach" to his foreign policy that led to America pulling out of the landmark Iran nuclear deal and making the country less safer.

During the only vice presidential debate during the presidential election held in Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday night, the year-old California Senator stressed foreign policy "might sound complicated" but really is about relationships.

You've got to be loyal to your friends. People who've stood with you, you've got to stand with them," Harris said during the minute debate. Criticising the Trump administration for taking the US out of the Iran nuclear deal and isolating America, Harris called Trump''s foreign policy "unilateral", and "isolationist". The landmark deal was the crowning diplomatic achievement of former president Barack Obama. On his part, Pence highlighted the Trump administration''s record on combating Islamic state and said President Trump "unleashed the American military" and took down Iraqi terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a man responsible for the deaths of thousands.

He said the president had ordered operation that killed top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani early this year. Harris highlighted that Russia interfered in the US Presidential elections and said Trump prefers to take the word of Russian President Vladimir Putin over the American intelligence community. Harris, who aspires to be the first woman vice-president in history, and Pence were separated by plexiglass barriers during the debate.

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They sat Harris, whose mother was from India and father from Jamaica, scripted history in August when she was picked up by the Democratic Party as its vice presidential nominee.

Promoted Listen to the latest songsonly on JioSaavn. She is the first Black woman and the first Asian-American woman to be selected as the vice presidential nominee of a major political party in the US. It is for the first time in the American history that an Indian-origin person has taken up the podium for a vice presidential debate.

Kamala Harris Donald Trump. Follow Us:.Most Americans know little about the nation of Hungary. Few know anything of the heroic attempt to cast off the tyranny imposed on its people by the Soviet Union. Life for the ordinary Hungarian immediately went from bad to worse as the newly arrived liberators robbed, raped, and pillaged from one end of their nation to the other.

The Soviets and their hand-picked Hungarian collaborators speedily conducted elections in the fall of and, even though loyal Hungarians won overwhelmingly, communists used their control of the police and their domination of the media to undermine the result.

As had occurred in the other Soviet satellite nations in Eastern Europe, communist-style hell had completely triumphed. On October 23,growing numbers of students, workers, women, and children filled the streets of Budapest demanding relaxation of the ironclad rule under which they were suffering. Ordered to disperse by the ruthless Soviet-led security police, they refused and were immediately fired upon.

betrayed by america

When the ethnic-Hungarian tank crews demanded that the Soviet forces cease killing civilians, they too were slaughtered and more demonstrators were attacked. But from this modest beginning, the revolt only grew in numbers and in its admirable determination. Soviet tanks and security police responded by firing into the throng, killing many hundreds.

Angered by such brutality, numerous Hungarian officers and soldiers left their posts, joined the freedom fighters, and supplied the people with small arms. James Drummey recounted some of what followed:. This burst of freedom had been accomplished with little more than small arms and bare hands. But it lasted only three weeks. They struggled against huge odds until the last of their outnumbered, outgunned, and overwhelmed numbers capitulated on November During those three desperate weeks, 25, Hungarians paid the ultimate price andsuffered wounds.

In the ensuing days, approximately 40, were rounded up and deported to Soviet slave labor camps. Moscow-directed oppression again ruled, and it continued until when the Soviet Union curiously collapsed and the Soviet enforcers departed for Mother Russia.

It is certainly worthwhile recalling the love of liberty that impelled mere students, women, and workers to rebel against a military-enforced tyranny. There will, of course, be some mention of their bravery in the press and on television if only to recall that the year-old event occurred.

But it is relatively certain that any mention of the U. It is that betrayal that ought to be aired. All they had to do, said the broadcasts, was rise up and needed help would arrive. Russian troops were ordered to put down the uprising, but were inefficient, hesitating. We were almost sure America would intervene. After all, we were being attacked for being pro-American, and Radio Free Europe was encouraging us to end the regime.

What actually happened is something no real American can be proud of. A quick look at a world map will show that the northeastern part of Hungary shares a border with Russia, then known as the Soviet Union. Worse yet, while their short-lived success was still alive, Spanish leader Francisco Franco decided to send real help to the Hungarians in the form of weapons. He contacted German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and obtained permission for his planes to refuel in Germany while on their mission to Budapest.

But, as then-popular commentator Fulton Lewis, Jr. The desperately needed arms from Spain never reached Hungary. The United States then turned the matter over to the United Nations. As author Frank J. There had been food riots in Czechoslovakia and in the Western Polish city of Poznan. In the early hours of the Hungarian revolt, a fairly large number of Russian troops stationed in Budapest defied orders to suppress the rebellion and joined the rebels.

Although he had been trained in Moscow and was thought to be loyal to his Soviet masters, Nagy immediately appealed to the U.

betrayed by america


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