2013 range rover sport abs fault

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2013 range rover sport abs fault

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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I am hoping to learn from your communal wisdom once again. I was driving home from work on thursday in torrential rain when the abs, handbrake and traction control warning lights all came on, they have only ever been on at start up and have been very well behaved otherwise so I was a little concerned but everything seemed to still be working fine, had plenty at the brake pedal, so to be honest I put it down to water getting into a connection somewhere and didn't loose any sleep over it it was one of those 50 kph on the motorway rainstorms!

Next morning the lights were still on after start up so I thought they would need cancelling with the notebook and cable when I had 5 mins, that was until I tried the brakes at the end of the drive, there was something, but not much, so I backed it back up and left it there. I am hoping to identify the problem over the weekend as I am going to visit the folks in the UK leaving next week, so some cheap parts in the luggage on the way home sounds like a good thing to me!

Might be worth checking the integrity of the connectors into the ECUs on the bulkhead in the front passenger foot-well?

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If they've come a bit loose for whatever reason all the lights will come on as described. Best to remove and refit making sure they positively "click" home MY99 P38 4.

The 2 wheel traction control ecus are very well water proofed, but the later type are definately not.

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Water can leak through the screw holes around the cabin filter. I'm pretty sure there's a list in RAVE that give a good diagnosis from what lights come up on the dash. A loss of brakes in the morning is normally a sign that the accumulator is dead but it shouldn't give you a warning light issue. If you don't replace the accumulator, the pump can overheat from working too hard. Can you hear your ABS pump operate?

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You normally hear it run for about sec with IGN on. Mine is aso I am hoping that the computer will be okay. My main concern is not the warning lights but the physical lack of brakes, I didn't leave it for to long before I parked back up as I understand that the abs pump can be damaged by over running and is very expensive so I am hoping it's a lesser evil, I will try to get the some checks done over the weekend, Thanks for suggestions.

Isn't there an o-ring in the brake system of the earlier P38's that breaks and leaves you brakeless? Could it be that? Join Date Dec Location sydney - pining for the western desert Posts Does the p38 use the same abs system as the discovery 2? If so it sounds like the 3 amigos that so many d2s get.

Originally Posted by Keithy P Originally Posted by Alex Theres a lot on it in the good oil. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Bookmarks Bookmarks Google. The time now is AM.All vehicle manufacturers are required by U.

A customer may report that the heated steering wheel does not heat up when selected. Customer reports of steering wheel mis-alignment. A 'clonk' noise from underneath the vehicle may be evident when driving at low vehicle speed. Issue: A customer may report the vehicle steering feels heavy?

2013 range rover sport abs fault

A Customer may report the steering feels heavier then expected. Issue: Vehicle users are reporting the steering feel to be abnormal or resistant to steering inputs in certain situations. Issue: A Customer may express a concern of a 'clonk' noise from underneath the vehicle when driving at slow speed. Issue: The customer may express a concern that the heat distributed across the surface area of their heated steering wheel is inconsistent. Situation: On vehicles fitted with the twin speed transfer case, a judder may be felt from underneath the vehicle when steering at low vehicle speeds, such as turning left or right at an intersection.

Air suspension compressor being replaced for an E Chamber failure. From inspecting market returned parts it has become apparent that multiple dynamic response roll bars have been replaced due to reported fluid leaks. Upon further inspection no faults are found with the returned roll bars. A 'knock' sound from the front suspension may be heard inside the vehicle when traveling over an uneven road surface. Jaguar Land Rover is trialling a new diagnostic procedure for wheel alignment.

We require all retailers to follow the procedure outlined below ahead of conducting wheel alignment warranty work on Evoque LDiscovery Sport LRR Issue: Suppliers of the Range Rover Evoque L front and rear Dynamic Suspension dampers have identified a defect in the manufacturing process whereby some components may not have been fully assembled during certain build periods. Issue: Air-leak noise when brake pedal is pressed. Situation: On vehicles fitted with the High Performance Brake system mm diameter front brake disca 'squeal' noise may be heard from the front brakes during low-speed, light-to-moderate brake pedal application, until the vehicle Issue: During standard vehicle operation, it may be possible that customers driving RR Evoque or LR Discovery Sport vehicles may observe noises from the braking system.

On vehicles fitted with the High Performance Brake system mm diameter front brake disca 'squeal' noise may be heard from the front brakes during low-speed, light-to-moderate brake pedal application, until the vehicle comes to a stop. Issue: During a brake pad change it may become apparent that the brake pad pins have become corroded to the caliper housing.

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PCV DiaphramTorn. The Check Engine Lamp is illuminated. Air leak from the right hand camshaft cover assembly due to a split diaphragm within the pressure control valve. A customer may raise a concern with the Malfunction Indicator Lamp Illuminated on the instrument cluster with no driveability concern.

A humming noise may be evident from the engine at idle. A customer may report an oil leak under the vehicle from the transmission suspected to be the sump pan. Issue: Customers may report that the Stop Start function is intermittently not working for long periods of time during a drive cycle.

2013 Land Rover Range Rover

Issue: Evoque or Discovery Sport 2. The customer reports a coolant leak from the engine compartment which is found to originate from the thermostat housing seam. Issue: The customer reports a coolant leak from the engine compartment which is found to originate from the thermostat housing seam.

Issue: Oil leaking between the automatic transmission and transfer case which is currently being misdiagnosed leading to repeat repairs, i.LandyZone is the biggest Land Rover forum on the net.

We have plenty of very knowledgable members so if you have any questions about your Land Rover or just want to connect with other Landy owners, you're in the right place. Registering is free and easy just click herewe hope to see you on the forums soon! LandyZone - Land Rover Forum. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Welcome To LandyZone!

Cookies Welcome Guest. I bought it in November at 21K on the clock. Have driven it only miles since I bought and the current mileage is 34, Without any warning the engine stopped a couple of weeks before on A2 during the long weekend. It was towed to the nearest authorised service centre and now declared as needs a new engine. Since it's a young vehicle and quite low in mileage I didn't take an extended warranty.

The reason for failure of the engine looks like the known issue - crankshaft failure! The garage guys found metallic debris in the oil filter indicating internal failure in the engine. In this issue, does it really matter if I had an extended warranty? If it is a design or assembly fault, then it needs to be fixed regardless. That's what I would expect from a leading profitable brand like LR, who rightly and proudly celebrates the fact that the majority of land rovers ever built!

My LR case manager is not helpful in any ways. She's not ready to escalate the matter to her higher authorities. This is my first LR RR but have a jaguar already. Please can someone guide me rightly to fight this! BAJJun 16, Thank you for your reply.

I am in Scotland. The vehicle is in a service centre in England now. Thanks for sending the links. I have completed the survey, and logged in a complaint in the forums as well. Can some one advise me on how to escalate this to the higher authorities at JLR, please? Write them a letter saying unless they escalate you will be making further claims against them and in the meantime costs will go up with hire cars etc. If they offered 60 at the drop of a hat they will go higher.

I as for a copy of the escalation process as if the conversation has stopped it clearly is not getting followed. ER1CJun 16, They tend to be more favourable to owners who have the full history with LR. It's never too early to go to the top manThis is a guide for how we carried out this quick repair to elevate the suspension fault.

We do not recommend this as a permanent fix, and if you follow the guide, then you do so completely at your own risk. This guide may also be suitable for the Landrover Discovery Air suspension pump fault. The fault is due to the compressor pressure exhaust valve solenoid not being able to relieve the pressure in the system. This could be from a number of things, such as a solenoid fault, but from our experience, there is usually a problem with the filter.

Firstly we need to locate the Landrover Range Rover Sport air suspension compressor pump. The Range Rover Sport air suspension compressor pump is located in the boot underneath the spare wheel. Open the boot and remove the carpet tray. Then remove the spare wheel to see the plastic pump housing below.

Remove the clips on the side of the air suspension compressor housing casing, allowing the top half to be removed. Once the top half is removed we can now access the air compressor pump and motor unit. Now remove the filter using a 17mm spanner. As you can see in the picture above, there are some greenish marks from corrosion due to the moisture in the air.

This corrosion has actually blocked the Range Rover Sport air suspension pump exhaust filter. You can test this by simply trying to blow through it. If you can replace the filter, this is the best thing to do, but if you need a repair to last until the new filter arrives, then you could drill some holes in the filter as per the picture below. These are drilled at 2mm diameter. Start the vehicle and you should hear the pump vent some pressure off within a couple of seconds of the vehicle starting.

It does this as a self test this is the test that causes the fault code C1A as it monitors the pressure and does not see the pressure drop if there is a problem or blockage. When installing the top half of the suspension pump housing, make sure the lips of the bottom half and top half meet up perfectly all the way around the edge, then simply place the sprung clip on the top side and push on to the lower side with your finger. If this guide has been useful to you, please share a link to it on your social media, rather than copying it.

Facebook Comments.It combines the agency of the traditional Land Rover with the performance and hard-to-match amenities of a high-end sedan. Yet, despite its sheer strength, the Range Rover Sport is not immune to commonplace faults and failures. Being able to identify these problems early can help you avoid costly repairs. Here are some common problems that could be ailing your beloved vehicle. Problems with the front lower suspension arms are quite common for most Range Rover Sport models.

The most ominous sign of a faulty front suspension is a knocking sound when you are driving at a low speed. To diagnose a front suspension problem, drive the vehicle forward and in reverse while engaging the foot brake.

If you hear a knocking sound when you apply the brakes, the bushes on the lower suspension arm could be faulty.

Although the bushes are the culprit, it is usually more feasible to replace the entire front suspension arm than to replace a damaged bush. Your vehicle's differential works to transfer power from the engine to the transmission and wheels.

Inadequate lubrication can damage the differential. Look out for a whining sound when driving at a consistent speed. The noise could be emanating from a dry and worn differential. To check the physical state of the differential, remove the drain plug and place a sample of oil in a clear container. Check for a glittery appearance in the oil — this may be a sign the fluid is contaminated. Have your differential fluid replaced every 30, miles to avoid costly repairs.

2013 range rover sport abs fault

Even then, your mechanic should check the oil during your regular maintenance schedule. In addition to the ominous yellow light on the dashboard, an air suspension fault will lower your vehicle to normal height and prevent you from raising the vehicle. You may also notice that some corners of the vehicle are higher or lower because the burst air springs are unable to support the vehicle's weight.

Although leaking air springs are the most common cause of air suspension problems, a host of other issues could result in this failure.

Before changing the air springs, schedule a diagnostic check with your mechanic to determine the exact cause of the faulty air suspension. A number of factors could cause your vehicle to lose power and to run rough.

This problem could result from a vacuum leak, a worn timing belt, a faulty catalytic converter, a problematic fuel pump and airflow sensor, or a malfunction in the ignition coil. In addition to your vehicle hesitating as you drive, you may also notice black fumes coming from the exhaust, poor fuel mileage, and overall poor performance of the vehicle. A worn out handbrake shoe or a failed actuator could be the culprit.

Left unattended, a faulty parking brake can easily damage the brake discs. If the actuator needs to be replaced, your mechanic may also recommend that the brake shoe and disc be replaced too to improve the performance of the brake system. These are just a few problems that owners of Range Rover Sports commonly encounter.

FIXED! LR3 / Discovery 3 air suspension problems - Part 3 FIXED!

It goes without saying that having your car checked regularly can help to identify problems early and preserve the life your vehicle. At British 4x4we are specialists in all kinds of Land Rover repairs. Give us a call today to schedule a maintenance or repair appointment. Under the ownership of S. Cars Limited the business extended to complete cars made in association with Standard Motor Co. The company's name was changed from S.

Cars to Jaguar Cars in At operating company level, in Jaguar Cars was merged with Land Rover to form Jaguar Land Rover Limited as the single design, manufacture, sales company and brand owner for both Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. Regular check-ups and maintenance can help catch and diagnose these leaks before something terrible happens.Your Land Rover is designed to monitor itself continuously — everything from engine performance, emissions, brakes and lights to the driver assistance systems that help you stay safe and in control whether on and off-road.

Worried about your BMW? Worried about your Audi? Checkout our complete guide to Audi Warning Lights. Worried about your Mercedes-Benz?

2013-'15 Land Rover Range Rover Recalled for Airbag Issue

Checkout our complete guide to Mercedes-Benz Warning Lights. The 12V battery charge warning lamp illuminates briefly when the vehicle's ignition is switched on to check the bulb is working. As soon as the engine is started, the light should go out.

2013 range rover sport abs fault

Stop as soon as you can and contact roadside assistance or a Land Rover dealer. The lamp extinguishes when the relevant seat belt is buckled. This light will also come on if you place a heavy item like a bag on a seat not recommended. The brake warning lamp illuminates briefly when the ignition is switched on.

If it comes on, you could have a fault in your brake system or be running low on brake fluid. Stop as soon as you safely can do so, check the fluid level and top up if necessary. If the light stays on, seek help. The red triangle symbol indicates a critical warning — the instrument panel will also show a message about the issue. The lamp also illuminates if the incorrect fluid has been added to the system, or if there is a fault with the system.

The engine temperature warning lamp illuminates when the engine's temperature is too high. Carrying on could irreparably damage your engine so stop as soon as you can with safety and contact roadside assistance or a Land Rover dealer.

Land Rover Warning Lights | Your Complete Guide

The exhaust filter warning lamp illuminates when the exhaust filter is full or there is a fault with the exhaust filter system. A warning message may show on the display and a warning tone may sound. When the lane departure feature is active, you should always use your direction indicators before crossing a lane marking. You will also feel a vibration through the steering wheel. Switch off the engine immediately. Check and top up the oil level, if necessary. Start the engine.

If the lamp remains illuminated, switch the engine off and contact roadside assistance or a Land Rover dealer. If the lamp flashes, HDC has been selected, but the operating conditions are not being met or HDC fade-out is occurring.

Z3 radio wiring diagram diagram base website wiring

The airbag warning lamp illuminates, as a bulb check, when the vehicle's ignition is switched on. The lamp extinguishes after 6 seconds. If the lamp illuminates again, there is a fault with the airbag system. Contact your Land Rover dealer as soon as possible. The ABS warning lamp illuminates briefly when the vehicle's ignition is switched on. If the lamp remains on, or illuminates while driving, there is a fault with the ABS system.

Drive with care, avoiding heavy braking. Contact roadside assistance or a Land Rover dealer. The brake warning lamp illuminates briefly when the vehicle's ignition is switched on.

Alternatively, there could be a fault with the braking system.All vehicle manufacturers are required by U. The EPB applied light is not on. Air leak from the right hand camshaft cover assembly due to a split diaphragm within the pressure control valve. A humming noise may be evident from the engine at idle. JLR is investigating 3.

The 'Service Required' warning text will not appear on the Instrument Cluster IC if a vehicle has reached its service point. Situation: An issue has been identified on certain vehicles within the listed Affected Vehicle Range where the tailgate exterior release switch may display intermittent switching performance issues.

Seat height operates in increments and seat memory function will not work after replacement of seat height motor. Issue: A customer may report a concern of no sound from the audio system, even when the volume is turned up. Issue: The wrong component maybe replaced when troubleshooting Bluetooth connectivity in car. Situation: The face of the Smart key handset may peel away from the handset main body or the handset case may be bulging. When attempting to update the Navigation maps to a newer level the update fails and the Navigation becomes either slow to respond or no functionality at all.

A customer may report warm air instead of cool air from the air distribution and face vents when the air conditioning system is in operation and low temperature selected.


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